Revising “The Snake Pit” by Baretta, and rereading great passages like this

snake_pit_coverAuthor_BarettaFrom “Wild West Showdowns

Kilroy… was not afraid of anyone. He was the famous “don’t fuck with Kilroy from The Snake Pit.”

The idiot from The Snake Pit was Johnnie-Satan, his rival. And many showdowns were held on the road in The Pit between Kilroy, who lived at one end… and Johnnie-Satan, who lived at the extreme other end. It was very typical behavior for them. They threatened each other for years, marching up and down the road with their rifles and calling each other out.

“Johnnie-Satan, you sissy-assed motherfucker! I’ll blow you fucking away!”

And then, when Kilroy retired, Johnnie-Satan would come out and run down to his place. “You fuck-head! I’ll kill you!”

They were more or less idle threats, but the guns were real, and they would shoot them off in the air sometimes, and I questioned my safety in this neighborhood that I had chosen.

(c) Brass Tacks Press


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