Cairns, Australia and The Great Barrier Reef, Part 2

A giant Black Marlin lit-up and in full flight.  This fish is approx. 800 pounds.  It was tagged and released.  The fishing line is visible cutting through the water at lower right.  Not a spectacular photo in terms of acrobatics, but it shows the prowess of a big fish.

Cairns Tahiti


This is life on the GBR in a nutshell.  Clients fly in via seaplane, landing in the relative calm of the waters immediately inside one of the long ribbons of the barrier reef.  The larger of the vessels is the ‘mothership’, behind that is the game boat followed by the ‘painter’, or dingy.  Typically ,clients spend four days to two weeks living on the reef.  Captain and crew live on the mothership for the entire fishing season.

Cairns Tahiti_0004


Chasing down a Black Marlin.  The long white stick is used to insert a research tag in the fish before release.  Yours truly to the right of frame.  Angler is Rupert Murdoch. Photo by Peter Bristow.

Cairns Tahiti_0006


Rupert Murdoch!

Having spent many a day and night hanging out with Rupert on the sea and sun drenched GBR, I can say he is possessed with a keen mind and a quick wit.  Always the gentleman, an overall great guy and a determined fisherman!  Photo by Doug Lewis

Color Pics 70s_0005


The author as a young fisherman…

Cairns Tahiti_0001


Late afternoon cruising the outer edge of the reef.  Lizard Island in the background.

Color Pics 70s_0006


Me and Captain Bristow…

Color Pics 70s_0007


A lighter moment on the GBR…

Color Pics 70s_0008

Peter with daughter on board.

Color Pics 70s_0009


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