Coleen Rowley: Why I Support a New 9/11 Investigation (Mike Ruppert)

Check out this Raw Story article by Coleen Rowley, a true American patriot.  In the comments below the story, read through #6, it mentions VAC member and contributor Mike Ruppert.


Mike Ruppert responds:

Hey, thanks Doug for posting the little bit about 9-11. Yeah, I wrote one the three largest-selling books on 9-11; “Crossing the Rubicon”. It’s in the Harvard Biz Library and Colleen Rowley sure knows who I am. It’s funny though about that one comment that mentioned me. Anyone who says the buildings were demolished or that passengers were taken off Flt 77 is pushing bad info. Sometimes government “disinfo” people put “poison pills” of bad information in just to taint people with the good stuff – especially if they get some “legs” like I did. It’s all too dark. I lived in that world for a long time and my time there is done… thirty years worth. Living there is like having to listen for C’laire de Lune while a grunge band just turned the volume dial to 10. Music is either clear or it’s not. Anything not authentic stands out like like a coyote at a jack rabbit convention. Bad with the good: Right now I’m struggling to pay off legal bills left over from the years of Bush-Cheney harassment.I fought them tooth and nail and came out clean… but broke.


One Comment on “Coleen Rowley: Why I Support a New 9/11 Investigation (Mike Ruppert)”

  1. douglashilton says:

    I mentioned one of your books where the subtitles go on this youtube clip:
    (PS on p250 ish of that same book)

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