A friend Arthur Robbins sent this funny story from Newton, MA:

Here in the suburbs of Newton I’m used to gigantic wild turkeys, all sorts of local birds, rabbits, raccoons, hedgehogs, white tailed deer in winter, and the occasional shy coyote, newt or garter snake. But walking up to the front door this morning, I didn’t notice a quiet green parrot perched on the handrail until I was reaching for my keys to open the door. Startled me! He was calm but seemed tired, haggard — demoralized. I fed him a chocolate chip cookie that was serendipitously forced on me at Whole Foods. He ate it with growing enthusiasm, and I gave him a big drink of water. He revived a bit, then fell asleep. I petted him, talked to him. He made as if to bite my, by then gloved hand, but didn’t. Started waking up my arm. Sweet, friendly bird. What to do? 

Was just about to start calling the town to see if anybody had reported a missing psittaciforme, when Steve, the UPS guy showed up and knew who his owners were. His name is Jimmy. Lives about a half mile away. Seems he’d gotten out of his cage and had been missing for a week or so. It’s been raining here for quite some time. Poor guy! I got him in a box, took him home, and as nobody was there, put him in his large outdoor cage and said goodbye. Snapped a few photos of our visit with my iPhone:

Jimmy 1bJimmy 2a

Jimmy 4a

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