Mayumi Nishimura

Mayumi Nishimura is one of my favorite people.  I met Mayumi in Becket, MA in 1985 when she was living and teaching at the Michio Kushi Macrobiotic Institute in Becket, located in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Western Mass. Mayumi taught me how to cook delicious, wholesome and healing food.  More recently, for the past several years (maybe 6-7) Mayumi has been the private and exclusive chef for Madonna and her family.  Very recently, Mayumi has decided to move on and persue teaching and writing.  The first pic is of Mayumi and her young family at Becket in 1985.  Mayumi sent the other pics just the other day from Japan.  Mayumi is a healer, big time, and one of the really beautiful people on this planet.


Becket, MA 1985



Mayumi today:


Mayumi JP1


Mayumi JP2


Mayumi JP3


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