NEW BOOK: “Rohloff’s Snake Pit” by Chris Rohloff (as told to Pablo Capra) and Toylit (illus.)

From “The Snake Pit”

The Snake Pit… was basically the armpit of Malibu. If Malibu had a hood, Topanga and The Snake Pit would be it.

As kids, we were proud to call our neighborhood The Snake Pit because we were all dirt-rat, creeker degenerates. So it was pretty cool!

The Snake Pit was a place that the surrounding community didn’t want to have too much contact with. Even to the police, it said, “Keep out!” Police and firemen tried to avoid going there as much as possible because there was weird stuff that happened down there back in the ’60s and ’70s. Everybody knew about Charles Manson’s connection to The Snake Pit, and that they shouldn’t deal with those people. The Manson Family lived across the street from us. I was three or four years old, and I’d be on the dirt road playing with their kids.

(c) Brass Tacks Press

(See Toylit’s drawings on the website!)


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