Giant Black Marlin on the Great Barrier Reef – Photos by Hans Feurer, Part 2

Another stunning series of photographs by legendary photographer, Hans Feurer, captured aboard The Avalon, Captain Peter Bristow at the helm.  I’m guessing this fish weighs in somewhere around 600-700lbs, more or less.

FRAME 1:  Me and a big fish, eye to eye… 



FRAME 2: Reaching for the wire…



FRAME 3: Same day but a different fish, smaller, perhaps 400-500lbs, but similar action.  I’ve got the wire…holding steady with my left hand with a couple, three wraps in my right.  The bait fish is visible off the head of the big fish.  As we will see, the hook is firmly in place.


FRAME 4:  The big fish is turning a bit, the bait still visible at its lower jaw.


FRAME 5:  Moments later, the marlin has come around and I’m grabbing wire by the fistfull.


FRAME 6:  What’s left of the baitfish (head only) can be clearly seen, as can the 12/0 hook planted firmly in the lower jaw of the Black Marlin.  In the lower left of frame, the white tag pole is plunging a tag into the big fish.



FRAME 7:  A split second later…


FRAME 8:  Up close and personal!


FRAME 9: One last look.  Still hanging on, waiting for the wire to be cut…so much for that!


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