Leaving Neurotica.2

It’s bad in California’s Central Valley, no kidding.  It’s always been an isolated area because of the agricultural industry but now it’s isolated and broke, even worse.

I turned off at fabulous Westley about two years ago only to find an agriculturacl/anchor baby community and a run-down bar with two toothless female meth-addicts sitting outside.  All aboard the meth-train to hell, first stop your soul.  Next stop, who cares.

The nice thing is I’m not staying at that particular train stop.  My destination is more hospitable and more my type of culture.  Humboldt County, land of NorCal enchantment and a more friendly form of land use.  More on that later.  Neurotica is much harder to feed in the land of the quiet.  Got the picture?


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