ROBIT HAIRMAN – ‘Demockery’

VAC and NWT member ROBIT HAIRMAN is out with a new novel titled DEMOCKERY, The Prophetic Tale of Frank Witness.

“So, they didn’t knock the spirit out of me, no-siree! I was free of my father, surfing the wild waves of liberation, looking forward like a pilgrim, not back like a refugee. I luxuriated in the glory of the California summer where even Joshua trees glowed. I decided to roam the earth performing on the streets, sleeping where I fell, living on my wits, howling against the wind because it meant something, because someone heard, someone beyond explanation, no-one definable, definitely not God.”
– Frank Witness

2 Comments on “ROBIT HAIRMAN – ‘Demockery’”

  1. Jim Reigle says:

    Is this the Robit Hairman who wrote and sang “shadows of the blue hotel’ back in the 1980s?
    Just curious. It’s a great song. Cheers, Jim R

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