JAMES MATHERS – Portrait of the Artist

The career of artist and Venice Arts Club founding member James Mathers was launched at a young age through a fortuitous meeting with Andy Warhol. A recent Mathers art show in Boulder, Colorado sold out in minutes. A new show is planned, as is the stage production of his work, ASTRAL DICK, a three act ‘Whodunnit’ produced by Hannah Hall, premiering in Venice CA this summer.  James Mathers appears throughout material produced by Venice Arts Club, including the acclaimed New White Trash music project with uber-activist Michael C. Ruppert and NWT founder Wade De Void. Mathers also makes appearances in the Venice Arts Club Music Project, an 8 volume collection of songs and stories produced by the VAC.


FAKE ENLIGHTENMENT from Venice Arts Club Music Project

JAMES MATHERS: MID-CAREER produced by SmartChannel.TV



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