PETER OLDFIELD – Montage and Memory, a Global Perspective

At seventy-seven years of age, VENICE ARTS CLUB member PETER OLDFIELD understands how, from a global perspective, diversity is our most common and essential bond, collectively speaking. Currently, Peter is developing the WORLD MEMORY THEATRE project, a traveling museum and mythopoetic learning experience housed in an unfolding and continually revealing interactive environment. The online component of the WMT project will be available to students of all ages.

In 1976, Peter Oldfield founded the Alaron Center in Sausalito, a vibrant hub of cultural activity for those seeking alternative  voices. In the evenings and on weekends, over a five-year period, in a colorful and highly textured meeting hall – conferences, lectures, classes, seminars, concerts and dances were held for the ‘conscious living movement’ of the region. The center‘s dramatic and beautiful interior drew thousands and filled a significant role in the community, by presenting many prominent speakers and wide-ranging programs.


Even before spending thirty years traveling the planet as a travel consultant to several global travel organizations, Peter was on the move; a long family boat-ride at an early age from dour England to the bright days of southern Australia and then on to Ceylon and the Indian continent. These three (of thirty) montages represent a learning experience and a recognition of the commonness of our diversity.

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