BRASS TACKS PRESS – Topanga Beach Experience

“Topanga Beach Experience: 1960s-70s”
by Paul Lovas & Pablo Capra
(Brass Tacks Press, 2011)

by Pablo Capra

As I delved deeper, I was impressed to learn how much Topanga Beach had contributed to surf culture. In the ‘60s, it was a place of refuge for Miki Dora (and Charles Manson!). “Surfer” magazine’s main competitor “Surf Guide” was based at Topanga Beach. Several pioneering skateboarders grew up there, including world champion Woody Woodward. In the ‘70s, the three best surfers in Malibu called Topanga their home break: Jay Riddle, Davey Hilton, and George Trafton. Topanga Beach was also home to three influential surf filmmakers: Hal Jepsen (“Cosmic Children”), Grant Rohloff (“Men Who Ride Mountains”), and Scott Dittrich (“Fluid Drive”). Surf films like “The Californians” by Jamie Budge and “Muscle Beach Party” starring Frankie and Annette were shot at Topanga Beach. The beach even had its own surf band, Blue Juice.

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