ALDEN MARIN – Poem: What Else Is There To Do?

Poetry and artwork from Alden Marin, Los Angeles poet, artist and musician.
Sit on the freeway
in gridlock, and think
about war…consider
the possibilities of God;
Wonder about
Christ’s last thoughts
on the cross–ponder
the inspiration of
Buddha’s smile, or that
of the enigmatic
Mona Lisa at the Louvre
Bemoan the premature loss
of John Lennon, and all
his unwritten songs
we never heard–long
to be a bird for an hour
just to see what 
it feels like–and go
gratefully–when the long 
light turns green.
ALDEN MARIN – ‘The Man Who Went Crunch’, oil stick on Nestle’s Crunch bar wrapper.

2 Comments on “ALDEN MARIN – Poem: What Else Is There To Do?”

  1. dolbsterthepoet says:

    Great blog.

  2. maybe it’s just me, but i feel as though this post is really important, i would surely mention it to my friends so they would read it also. Thanks for posting it.

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