GOTH GIRL – Jamie Cohen and The Cheeters

GOTH GIRL is from LIES IN HIGH FIDELITY, Volume 1 of THE CHEETERS (Dietrich Von Bone, Klaus Kertz, Gunter Vile).

Goth girl sports a new tattoo
Black ink from a painful tool
That girl chain drinks through her high-jinx
It’s the only thing that funk can do
Plays her upright bass in a parking space
While your car is broken into
And your heart is broken in two

What the funk does it matter

Goth girl jokes but it’s no laughing matter
Turns you on then turns on you

What the funk does it matter

  THE CHEETERS – Lies In High Fidelity


 THE CHEETERS – Klaus Kertz, Gunter Vile, Dietrich Von Bone

LIES IN HIGH FIDELITY – “Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of War”

“Only the dead have seen the end of war,” a quote from George Santayana, reflects the message of LIES IN HIGH FIDELITY, a song from THE CHEETERS debut album of the same name. The Cheeters are Gunter Vile, Dietrich Von Bone (aka Jamie Cohen), and Andy Kravitz (Klaus Kurtz).

Another day been broken
Asylum doors are open
Everybody’s gone, the lunatics have all moved on
Their plan is up and running, sell the 2nd coming
Mirror, smoke and ashes
Sell it to the masses
Lies in high fidelity
Being broadcast on your TV

You can smell it in the air
Taste it everywhere
Crimes have been committed
War for them is big money business
Their plan is up and running
Sell the 2nd coming
Mirror, smoke and ashes
Sell it to the masses
Lies in high fidelity
Being broadcast on your TV

FIRST DAY ON THE JOB – Get Yourself A Coffee

From LIES IN HIGH FIDELITY, the first of 3 volumes from THE CHEETERS, a rock & roll music project featuring Gunter Vile, Dietrich Von Bone (aka Jamie Cohen) and Klaus Kurtz (aka Andy Kravitz). FIRST DAY ON THE JOB tells the story of diving deep into the steno pool, working long hours, getting home after dark. Produced by The Cheeters and the VAC.

Features Dietrich Von Bone on vocals.

First day on the job, so what do you say
Must do it for love cause it can’t be the pay
Think you’re saving up for a rainy day?
Your nest egg may be golden but the sky is steel gray
Get yourself a coffee and put that umbrella away

First day on the job

The income is nil and the wages are cruel
You feel more helpless than when you were at school
Now you take a nosedive in the steno pool

No time for a lunch break
Join the rat race
Get home after dark




PUMPING OIL – By Degree with the VAC

From Volume 3 of Venice Arts Club Music, BY DEGREE is a song about the lust for oil and how the center, soulfully speaking, cannot hold. Features Kristan Vigard/Doug Lewis. Produced by VAC.

Someone say the right thing
Tell these people we don’t mean no harm
We only want the oil
Only want what we’ve come here for

Someone do the right thing
We need a middleman, a go-between
To bargain for the riches
That’s what we’re looking for

Someone make sure everything’s alright
Someone make sure everything’s alright
Everything’s alright

Some bargain-basement for my soul
Some bargain-basement for my soul
No way this weight can hold
No way

PUMPING OIL – Jamie Cohen, pencil on 90 bright copy paper



 PUMPING OIL. Doug Lewis, photo by Knights Bridge for RefugeZine

MUSIC OF THE POST-PARADIGM: Running With the New White Trash

From the Nightclub At The End Of The World, Michael C. Ruppert’s LIFEBOAT HOUR on PROGRESSIVE RADIO NETWORK, Sunday, March 25, 2012.

Each week on the Lifeboat Hour, host Michael C. Ruppert plays a song from a place known as the Nightclub At The End Of The World.  The song of the week for March 25, 2012 is RUNNING WITH THE NEW WHITE TRASH from DOUBLEWIDE, the 37 song, 2-CD debut release from the NEW WHITE TRASH, a Venice CA music project founded by Ruppert, Wade De Void, Andy Kravitz, Kristen Vigard and others. Since its January 11, 2011 release, Doublewide has attracted a worldwide audience, evident in album sales to nearly every corner of the globe – Australia, South Korea, Japan, Canada, India, Egypt, Ukraine, Israel, Turkey, the countries of Africa and Europe, and throughout the Americas. The music of NWT is played at Occupy rallies, on the crumbling steps of city halls and on the angry streets of towns and cities across the USA.

From the NWT manifesto:

The New White Trash (NWT) demographic is the outcome of the former middle class being folded in with the working poor and, for good measure, the unemployed and uninsured.  The NWT defines and represents a majority of people whose common bond includes and exists beyond the demographics of age, race, location, education. The people of the NWT are the new ‘have-not’s’, and by its nature and size, this vast swath of population (99%) is now squarely at odds with the 1% who own, operate and dispense our corporate universe, big pharma, big food, big oil, big defense and big government included. ‘By the people for the people’ is receding.

The Post-Paradigm Era describes the vacuum left by the sudden disappearance of the former American middle class.  It is in this vacuum we now find ourselves, tumbling in turmoil as home losses mount, bank balances shrink, and shelters are jammed with the likes of you and I. The good old days are done and dusted. That party is over. The coming chaos of the post-paradigm era will lead to a radical and immediate rethinking and remaking of America or it will lead us to complete devastation.


As Woody Guthrie filled a musical vacuum by acknowledging the pain and the suffering of the Great Depression, the New White Trash fills a bigger and more insidious vacuum left by a rampant, programmed consumerism that serves only corporations and their shareholders. 

This is a new breed of American music in which the message is clear: You’re f**ked.  But now what?  

NWT portrays a post-paradigm, ‘less beautiful’ America, brought to life through music, media, theatre and message – those of, love,need and a desire for social justice. ‘Drop it down’, ‘don’t dig too deep’, ‘we charge extra for this’, ‘take these’, ‘we can’t escape from’, all are the language of the NWT.  And for good reason.

If you got no credit and you got no cash, you’re NWT.  If you got more going out than you got coming in, you’re NWT. If your 401k is MIA, if you’ve filed for bankruptcy, if you find yourself living in a trailer or back with your parents, if your unemployment has run out, if your roads have holes and local schools are closing, if you lost your health insurance to a pre-existing condition, you are the NWT. If you bought the hype and borrowed on a dream,and now your house is gone and you’re selling your things, you’re the NWT. If you’re pissed off, yet you keep a sliver of love in your crossed heart and at least a post-ironic smile on your lips, you’re NWT. If what you had is gone – just like that – then you know you’re running with the New White Trash.

The NWT offers what popular music does not: it recognizes and acknowledges all those who are being marginalized and dropping off the radar screens of “official” life. It is not all depressing. In fact, the NWT celebrates the joys, simple pleasures and love that are often re-discovered only in the darkest times.

DOUBLEWIDE is available as a digital download, as a physical 2-disc package, and as a sponsorship edition. Produced by the VAC.

THE NEW WHITE TRASH – Running With The New White Trash

GOT YOUR GUN YET? – The Tragedy of Trayvon Martin

Got Your Gun Yet, from VENICE ARTS CLUB MUSIC, VOL.3.  In memory of Trayvon Martin.

POETRY IS RUINS – Soundtrack Instrumentals from Gunter Vile

The music of GUNTER VILE’S  Poeetry Is Ruins is described by Vile as a ‘instrumental soundtrack for a imagined film’. Vile, formerly of the CHEETERS, returned to Venice and to the VAC to record Poetry Is Ruins.

GUNTER VILE – Poetry Is Ruins.  Image/Cara Tompkins.

Produced by VAC