NEW WHITE TRASH and the ‘Music Of The Post-Paradigm’ – Foreign Soldiers

MICHAEL C. RUPPERT may be best known for his featured role in the documentary film, Collapse, of which Robert Ebert had this to say, “I don’t know when I’ve seen a thriller more frightening. I couldn’t tear my eyes from the screen. “Collapse” is even entertaining, in a macabre sense. I think you owe it to yourself to see it.”

As a young cop Ruppert blew the whistle on the LAPD and CIA when he discovered a drug smuggling connection between the two. He went on to write the seminal, Crossing the Rubicon, the Decline of the American Empire in the Age of Oil and is currently the host of a popular one-hour radio show called the LIFEBOAT HOUR, broadcast live on the PROGRESSIVE RADIO NETWORK Sunday evenings at 9p Eastern. 

One theme of the Lifeboat Hour, coined by Ruppert, is ‘a nightclub at the end of the world. Tune in any Sunday and you’ll here the show roar to life with the song, Avalanche & Earthquake, from DOUBLEWIDE, the January, 2011 37 song, 2-CD release from the Venice, CA music project known as the NEW WHITE TRASH

Since mid-March, Ruppert has been premiering new material from the band’s upcoming second album titled, THE INNER REACH, scheduled for release on July 7, 2013. And while he is fond of pronouncing his love for the New White Trash, who refer to their brand of song as ‘music of the post-paradigm’, he’s also only too happy to let everyone know that he the guy singing the lead vocal on Avalanche & Earthquake because he’s a member of the band.

Growing up in the 1960’s in Venice, CA, Ruppert had a love for and dabbled in rock & roll, singing covers with local beach bar bands.  Years later, in early 2008, he met veteran Venice musician/music producer and Venice Arts Club founder Doug E. Lewis while at a local dog park (their dogs are featured in the video for Avalanche & Earthquake).  With Lewis’ encouragement, Ruppert gradually immersed himself in the writing and making of music as a founding member of the New White Trash, an idea concocted by Lewis and Ruppert in the spirit of their shared sensibility, that the music would take, by default, a course of social commentary and music activism. A manifesto was drawn up, other members signed on, the house filled up and the stories and chords of Doublewide unfolded from there.

“I couldn’t be happier”, says Ruppert. “Music is one of the great things in my life, and the opportunity to make this kind of music – to learn how to make this kind of music from guys like Dougie and Wade DeVoid (NWT multi-instrumentalist), to be a part of this process with them and with Kristen Vigard, James Mathers, Michael Jost, Lea Petmezas, we’re a family, a tribe of people who create together.”

With funds saved from the sale and distribution of Doublewide, the NWT reconvened in November of 2012, determined to make a followup album.  The crew moved itself to Moffat, Colorado, a small dot of a town in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado, known for hot springs, high mountain ranges and the big views. Lewis’ converted farm house became the studio, and for three months the group lived together, ate together, played together.

The Inner Reach features 17 original songs, and picks up where the final line of the final song on Doublewide left off, “It all happened so fast, I don’t know what to make of it.”

Things are happening fast, it seems.  Much is to be questioned, as it seems demockery is in full swing.  Check out FOREIGN SOLDIERS, from the New White Trash and their upcoming album, The Inner Reach.





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