ALDEN ART – This Modern Life: Poetry and Image of Alden Marin

Venice Arts Club member ALDEN MARIN is a Los Angeles based artist – a poet, painter and musician who uses ‘remnants found’ to create his art. Marin is a weaver of ideas and tactical substance to form an artistic chronology of his day to day. His music provides enlightened depth to his dimension.
You can say
what you want
about my fickle nature
and uncertainty
about arrival dates
and departure times–
modes of payment,
credit lines;
whether to go with
day’s initial greyness–
or eventual sunshine;
Being enthralled
by birdsong outside
or irritated, in turns
by the same voices–
Hard to concentrate
in this modern life
with so much transpiring
on screens, phones
wireless devices
modes of communication
seen & unseen–owned
or in the frame
of acquisition mode–
everything ringing
with respective needs
And as many opinions
trying to register beliefs…
You can say what you want
about my actions and moods
and it’s probably true, but
I may or may not
agree with you.
ALDEN MARIN – Asparagus

ALDEN MARIN – Poem: What Else Is There To Do?

Poetry and artwork from Alden Marin, Los Angeles poet, artist and musician.
Sit on the freeway
in gridlock, and think
about war…consider
the possibilities of God;
Wonder about
Christ’s last thoughts
on the cross–ponder
the inspiration of
Buddha’s smile, or that
of the enigmatic
Mona Lisa at the Louvre
Bemoan the premature loss
of John Lennon, and all
his unwritten songs
we never heard–long
to be a bird for an hour
just to see what 
it feels like–and go
gratefully–when the long 
light turns green.
ALDEN MARIN – ‘The Man Who Went Crunch’, oil stick on Nestle’s Crunch bar wrapper.

TIME THAT’S LEFT – Alden Marin Poetry

From the poetry and sketchbooks of Alden Marin, Los Angeles poet, artist, musician:
Time that’s left–
it’s shadow and cloud
nothing outwardly profound
and then, utterly so–
when–in simple moments
everything can be known
because nothing can
other than in elemental form–
No origin, no ending
all beginning
in constant unfolding;
the vigilant birds
in their flight paths;
the route of ancestors
well-worn–turned to cities
later down the life
of civilization–one
of walls that build & fall
like the light of day itself–
dawning, peaking, waning
to dark–and starting again
only to dim, then rise
in its routine–
since time began…
‘WRITE EVERYTHING’ – Alden Marin, 2012

ALDEN ART – The Art of Alden Marin

ALDEN ART – The Art of Alden Marin




The sky
across from
the lumberyard
looks like
unbuilt buildings–
no walls, no roof
only doorways to escape
in spaces no one
would think to take;
these fanciful flights
skyward, towards
alleged heaven–
the route out and up
for denizens sitting
at Starbucks
the mecca of choice;
helicopters circling
in their LA circus–
pigeons strutting
purple steps–a crude
urban waltz–as the downtown
world on Tuesday does
its best imitations
of life.



At twilight, we saw Paris

at Rose and Lincoln

in his red Mustang, turning left–

across from the Tasty Goody

but he wasn’t savoring

their famous Yang Chow rice

or garlic chicken just yet;

artfully puffing a cigarette

looking to the western sky–

preoccupied with the appearance

of Venus and Mars, their nearness

undoubtedly–with his window down

and one arm out–he also sees

the last lavender from the setting sun at seven

and considers purple & magenta

perfect colors for his next work

about cherubic, smiling children…

or a surrealist trompe l’oeil

at the elegant restaurant

that trusts him with its walls–

the look he imparts of time and life—

of croissants, eggs and the

Magritte pipe—“Ceci n’est pas Paris…”

at Rose and Lincoln–

but yes, it is–

before he disappears, like Houdini might

into Venice–with his enigmatic smile;

a world of paint—

and compelling images on his mind….

Alden Marin ‘Counting’, pen on paper 6″x6″, 2011

ALDEN MARIN – Southern California Music

The music of ALDEN MARIN is Southern California Music.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alden Marin fashions poetry into songs, in much the same way he transforms found street objects into art – sketches, drawings, color portraits. Alden’s artwork is featured on his album covers.  A recent ALDEN MARIN album release is YOUR FACE IN THE PICTURE. Here is a song from that release, titled: EVERY TIME YOU SAY GOODBYE:

ALDEN MARIN – L.A. Poet, Artist, Musician

VAC member ALDEN MARIN is known for his colorful portraits drawn and painted on found objects. Alden also distributes a daily poem to a circle of friends. The music of Alden Marin is available here: