PHILOMENE LONG – Poet of Venice, CA

Philomene Long – Poet of Venice, CA.

TIME THAT’S LEFT – Alden Marin Poetry

From the poetry and sketchbooks of Alden Marin, Los Angeles poet, artist, musician:
Time that’s left–
it’s shadow and cloud
nothing outwardly profound
and then, utterly so–
when–in simple moments
everything can be known
because nothing can
other than in elemental form–
No origin, no ending
all beginning
in constant unfolding;
the vigilant birds
in their flight paths;
the route of ancestors
well-worn–turned to cities
later down the life
of civilization–one
of walls that build & fall
like the light of day itself–
dawning, peaking, waning
to dark–and starting again
only to dim, then rise
in its routine–
since time began…
‘WRITE EVERYTHING’ – Alden Marin, 2012