JOHN GOODWIN – Art and Music

VAC member John Goodwin is a Nashville based craftsman of lyric and song.  John is also a fine painter and an actor who played a part in a film called Crazy Heart for which he wrote or co-wrote one or a couple of songs.  JG and Jeff Bridges are friends and Jeff invited John to Santa Fe for a cameo in the film.  JG has a writing credit with The Cheeters for C WHAT DA DOSE IS‘ the lyrics to the song were written by JG and Cheeters member Jamie Cohen (aka Dietrich Von Bone).

NIGHTINGALE – John Goodwin, oil on canvas


Video From Venice Arts Club. Features LYLA singing SHIP OF DREAMS. From Volume 2, Venice Arts Club Music. PRODUCERS NOTE: What we know about this artist is her first name, LYLA, who was ushered into the VAC studio by a Londoner named ‘Pauly’, a caddish figure clad in eclectic bespoke who claimed the title of ‘Sir’ and knew a good thing when he heard it. One mic, one take. LYLA, if you hear this please contact us so we can give you proper credit. More info @