AMERICAN LITE – Music of the Post-Paradigm

From FELL MUSIC, Volume One. Recorded at Lotek Studios, Venice CA. The saga of AMERICAN LITE is perfectly illustrated by this piece of wall-art.  Scroll down for video.


Ready or not, here we go
On demand, the future’s here
On the money, we’re right on track
Are you ready for years of fear

God, Country, War, Money
Burn down the barn to kill off the rat
Accident, incident, another loose coincidence
Throw out the baby to save the bath

Like it or not, all aboard
Men in suits meet the sailor’s whore
There’s a lizard with a slithering tongue
His friend the snake is from the uppermost rung

They’re salivating, waiting in line
For their turn with the whore divine
Torch burning bright, she pays the rent
The blinds are drawn for money well spent

Good news, it’s fair to say
Future’s here where the road gives way
In the fog a sign illuminates
Red light flashing in the night

Return your seatback to the upright position
Fasten your belt for the head on collision
Go ahead and scream but please don’t make a sound
This Friday fish dinner looks like bloody ground round

Grab some bread and run for cover cries a warning
Could be a nasty change coming like a hurricane
Captain and the First Mate staring out across the wake
Of an angry sea
Passengers are getting worried, looking out beyond the break
Not sure what they see

Between the devil and the deep blue sea

FELL MUSIC – American Lite


LIBERTY DENIED – Music and Social Commentary in the Post-Paradigm Era

another sleazy politician/the latest in a long line
another fat cat in the wings/another fast-track thing
and then another lie to take back/another decade set-back
wake up to the news – it’s all up to you/it comes down to you
from RIGHTAWAY – FellMusic THREE

The song LIBERTY from Volume 3 of the Venice Arts Club Music Project provides narrative and gives voice to a sullen Statue of Liberty while describing the American ground of being at the onset of the post-911/post-paradigm era. Garcia Lorca’s monologue in the final minute of LIberty illustrates a hunger for the truth that America could be, but has yet to achieve.