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  1. Kym Jennings says:

    I am writing to point out that Michael Mcfadyen has posted misinformation on his website in regards to TSMV JENNINGS PETAJ.
    It is sad that he has posted peoples emails without doing any research or contacting any family members to make sure his information was correct or not. 10 years this misinformation has been posted on his site. I phoned him recently to ask the obvious question why he had not contacted us and he said he just posts emails on his site, which seems to be the case for the other people on this site but not us, he has not posted the truth, nor posted my statement on this subject as he said he would so We feel the truth must be told regardless. Thankyou

    Attention Michael

    As per our telephone conversation Monday 17th May 2010.

    My mother and I appreciate that you will retract some of your misinformation and replace it with the facts and the truth about her husband and my father and of course how we took care of our vessel TSMV PETAJ.

    Kris Stoddard: FACT: worked for a private charter to do trochus shells. Bruce Jennings only chartered the vessel out at that time, the skipper damaged our vessel and of course we had to pay for the repairs. We also state the charter failed and abandoned our vessel so we had to go and get it at our expense. FACT: Kris Stoddard never worked directly for us.

    FACT: Graham Johnston was not involved with Bruce Jennings while Tony Dorean worked on the Petaj, yes he was a good skipper. Bruce had the fortune and misfortune to employ both good and bad skippers, so remember a bad skipper cost Bruce a lot of money in repairs.

    FACT: The Petaj was slipped twice a year and well maintained.
    It is correct that in 1988 Ausdive was sold to Jennings and it was run as a thriving business.
    FACT: There was NO lease agreement between Johnston and Jennings and court documentation which we hold can prove that. Johnston could never produce a lease.
    FACT: Ausdive left the building due to Johnston harassing them. Ausdidve was a thriving business under Jennings until Johnston came back from England, so his statement cannot be founded as Johnston was in England during this term.
    FACT: Johnston illegally continued to use the name Ausdive and held an ANZ bank account trading under that name the same time Jennings was. Jennings had every right to trade as Ausdive as he had purchased it in 1988. Johnston had no right to do so. Check under corporation’s law.

    Andries: What are his qualifications? Is he a qualified maritime surveyor?
    FACT: B & K Jennings still hold all surveys and valuations for the vessel TSMV Petaj, which state the vessel was always in good condition and working order – vessel was maintained on a regular basis.

    Andries leaving, with others yes – backpackers came and went as their visa’s would have expired, and would have to return to their country of origin, which last I checked was standard practice.

    NOT TRUE: In 1994 Ausdive gone bust? Where is your proof for this statement?
    FACT: Ausdive never went bust we hold court documentation that can this is outright defamation.
    QUESTION: Who is Andries friend?
    QUESTION: 112ft ship being stuck on the bottom, bottom of what?
    FACT: The TSMV PETAJ was never run aground while in port or while it was on pic.
    FACT: Bruce Jennings did not pass away in 1998. and you do not die of heart attacks.
    FACT: Bruce Jennings owning Ausdive and it was the 1st company to protect the barrier reef by laying down mooring blocks, so ships anchors would not damage the reef, (there was about 7-9 sites) which Bruce Jennings paid for, and in this time several other dive companies used these mooring sites for FREE.
    FACT: Pro Dive never used the Petaj, the only thing Pro Dive staff did was join the Stella to the Petaj for outrageous parties which both Bruce Jennings and the Manager Owner of Pro Dive put a stop to as this was not a safe practice. And the dive instructors involved were severely dealt with.

    QUESTION: Solomon Islands, why would the TSMV Petaj not retain its name while over there?
    FACT: Yes the Petaj was in the Solomon Islands but not as a cargo ship to transport staff, we were a mother ship for RAY AND ATINA MARKS Indian Pacific Seafood’s, they also took another vessel with them called the “Deloris” a fishing boat owned by John Mcquade (who foolishly transferred ship registered his vessel in the Solomon Islands and with Ray Marks)
    FACT: We hold court documentation regarding the Solomon Islands that will prove this and the huge court case in 2000 where Mcquade tried to regain his vessel and lost.
    FACT: According to the Register of Vessels in Australia – Our vessel TSMV Petaj is still to this day 17th May 2010 owned and registered to Bruce Jennings and his daughter Kym Jennings.

    QUESTIONABLE: 1997 Danny Kennedy, owner of Gizo Adventure Sports – How did he hear the boat was going to be sunk?

    FACT: We owned the boat and we did not know this was going to happen when it did. Again, as mentioned the Petaj is still currently registered to Bruce Jennings and Kym Jennings and are the LEGAL OWNERS OF THIS VESSEL.
    QUESTIONABLE: To whom was the sale made between himself and what party/ies?

    FACT: Jennings never sold this vessel it was not for sale at any time. (Question was it stolen)?
    QUESTION: What authorities gave the permission to sink this vessel Petaj (as it is an Australian vessel and registered in Australia). It is not registered in the Solomons.

    FACT: Jennings have a valuation and survey report that states the value and condition of the vessel in 1992, of which the valuation came in well and truly over the mere pittance Danny paid of $2000

    QUESTION; Who was the recipient of this money? It was not Ausdive/B&K Jennings, as stated it was not for sale and the vessel was valued in the hundreds of thousands so why would we want to sell it?

    QUESTION: Why was Petaj sunk Outside Danny’s dive shop? As you state the authorities came to stop this act of sinking and the police were sent to order Danny to halt the sinking.
    QUESTION: Why do you think this might have happened was it an illegal act about to take place as the vessel Petaj belongs to Bruce and Kym Jennings not Danny. Yes all too late, all the better for Danny.

    FACT: Nothing was done there was no correspondence from anyone as to this happening. Jennings was in the process of going to the Solomon’s to retrieve the Petaj and bring her back to Australia.
    FACT: It was Ray and Atina Marks of Indian Pacific Seafood’s who owed a lot of money and this company was about to go into receivership, which it did.
    FACT: Jennings never left Australia to retrieve their vessel Petaj, as Ray Marks had made a phone call before they left to state “I have sunk your vessel Petaj” .

    Jennings had no idea as to how why or who had the authority to sink their vessel there was no proper approval and clearances of paperwork provided to all relevant parties, Jennings never at any time sold the vessel to anyone at anytime.

    FACT: McDonnell’s Lawyers in Cairns still hold all paperwork of total ownership of vessel in safe custody which can back up the proof of ownership of this vessel.

    QUESTION: Why was this boat sunk right outside the dive shop, who have clearly stated. The dive shop in question has clearly been making an income over the past 13 years, with a vessel that legally DOES NOT BELONG to them and was sunk without Jennings permission and the proper documentation by Australian Law.

    We hope this clears up some of the miss information you have been handed, you can check with all authorities mentioned in this email to prove who is the correct and only owner of the vessel Petaj and that it was sunk under suspicious circumstances by someone for reasons unknown to us.

    We hope you amend your website immediately with the facts as stated above. If you require any further clarification please contact me to discuss.

    Yours gratefully
    Kym and Patricia Jennings

    ps. it is always nice that someone has good memories of our vessel TSMV PETAJ, and my mother Pat who is now 79 was happy so see your site thankyou

    • The Venice Arts Club says:

      Hey Kym,

      Thanks for writing. I know nothing of anything you say, I only have fond memories and a couple of pics of the Petaj. I was aboard the vessel for one or two Black Marlin fishing seasons near the top end of the GBR, in and out of Lizard Island, for the most part. Sounds like the old girl is done and dusted, down to the deeps of Davy Jones wavy grave…best to you and your mom!

      Doug Lewis

  2. We really like this site. Iwish we could come here everyday\all day. Please keep on putting up more information!

  3. I am Colleen Jennings , i want to know where is the ships bell , if you have it by rights return to owner .Peter Jennings

  4. bob biggs says:

    This is an amazing blog! Thanks.

  5. Andy says:

    A very sad tale about a remarkable man (Bruce ) and a famous boat (t.s.m.v.petaj) Elements of japanese surrender signed on board . Very interesting history. I had the privelidge of working working on board in 1988. For the family.
    I’m led to believe prince charles spent time aboard as a teenager too
    Rest in peace Bruce
    Your not forgotten !

    • Yes, Bruce was a real character…larger than life. RIP.

      Prince Charles fished with Peter Bristow aboard the Avalon and also with Garrick Agnew aboard either the Panawonica or the Cervantes. This was late 70’s, early 80’s. I’m quite sure did not ‘mother’ aboard the Petaj though I cannot say exactly which mothership was used for his fishing expedition.

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