Cause for Concern

While the fashion in rock for most of the 1990s was hard-edged and macho, Cause for Concern, a band that “just happens” to be all-female, produced music that is melodic, poignant, sweet, and at the same time, high-energy. Their music is a direct result of admiring female artists such as Joan Jett, Chrissy Hynde and Heart. CFC’s style is described as a combination of modern pop with a lot of rock-n-roll energy.

In this album, ALL I WANT, their songs range from introspective ballads to let-loose rock. Singer Suzanne Graham (who lives at the VAC compound) has been compared to Melissa Etheridge. With songs evoking loneliness, failed relationships, and hopes of finding love, her vocals radiate an undeniable rawness.